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Matthew Simms

Walawaani (Hello)

My name is Matthew Simms a Wandi Wandian man who belongs to the Dhurga Language group from the Yuin Nation on the South Coast of NSW. My cultural knowledge and connection the land and sea has been passed down to me through my family and cultural mentors from around Australia. I have a strong connection to my Bidjigal mob from the La Perouse area through my Simms & Timbery Family. I also have a connection to country within the Ngiyambaa-Wongiabon language group, Garulgiyalu region of North Western NSW. 

I am the CEO and cofounder of Djiriba Waagura, along with my brother Nigel Millgate. Our main aim behind our business here at Djiriba Waagura (meaning 2 Crows) is to share and empower our communities with culture & wellbeing programs. We are connected to the oldest living culture anywhere in the world and we want to share the beauty of that to the world. As a business we want to be able to provide for our families and communities by creating employment opportunities for our youth and communities.

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