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Djiriba Waagura are committed to empower our local community with a strong focus on our youth.

We aim to support our youth to foster and strengthen their connection to their culture and traditions. We aim to help them understand who they are, where they have come from and to help build positive inner qualities as an Aboriginal person. We aim to empower their sense of belonging and self-esteem to support their overall well-being.



Youth Wellbeing Program

The Family Wellbeing Program aims to assist and support youth in understanding and meeting their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. The skills and knowledge in personal development and foundation counselling have been designed to address both indigenous and non-indigenous communities experiencing complex social, emotional and historical problems.

The Family Wellbeing Program will develop:

  • Cultural and spiritual connection

  • Positive relationships

  • A clear direction for your future

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • An understanding of how to deal with emotions, loss and grief

  • A plan for making positive changes in your personal and community life

  • Your own personal leadership style

The program provides a strong framework for youth to become confident, strong and respected leaders in their community.

After completing the program, past participants have reported:

  • Building a stronger connection with aboriginal culture

  • Improved communication with loved ones, family, and children

  • The ability to deal with emotions and avoid conflict

  • Understanding how to set and achieve realistic goals to fulfil their full potential

  • The ability to make more effective decisions about their lives and their future



Youth Mentoring Program

According to the Australian Institute of family studies, from the 30th june 2017 there were 17,664 children in OOHC identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. This is 10 times the rate of non-Indigenous children.

Many of our youth don't have the opportunity to learn and build on their cultural knowledge and identity. As first nations peoples, having a connection and understanding of our identity plays a vital role in our social and emotional well-being.

Our cultural mentoring program is designed to address our youth’s basic human needs, the need for cultural affirmation, engagement and a strengthening of identity which may not currently be being met.

Using an empowered approach, we introduce youth to cultural practices through role modelling and hands on engagement, aiming to build their knowledge of their own cultural identity and traditions.

Our team bring over 30 years experience delivering successful cultural programs for a range of community initiatives around Australia. As Aboriginal people we have an obligation to care for and give back where we can, our mentoring program provides everyone involved with a culturally safe space that allows a sharing of knowledge to take place. Together we are creating that sense of belonging and connection that our elders have passed on for many thousands of years.

Program overview:

2 hours a week (10 weeks) face to face

Mentoring that includes, but not is not limited to:

  • Cultural activities

  • Bush walks

  • Social & emotional wellbeing yarns

  • Recreation activities, e.g. fishing

  • Referral links to community organisations

A weekly phone call to youth and we will schedule monthly meetings with OOHC team and management.


Group tours

Connect with both community and culture by taking part in one of our half day or full day excursions. Experience nature and an unforgettable cultural experience in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Australia.


Our excursions are available in two locations

  • Huskinsson, Jervis Bay

  • Ben's Walk, Nowra

Both locations are rich in Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, the beauty of the areas will captivate your senses and open your students to an experience they will never forget.

Our excursions consist of a number of activities that include:

  • Bush tucker tours

  • Introduction to Aboriginal Culture

  • Dancing and music

  • Boomerang demonstrations

  • A range of immersive cultural experiences

View our Facebook events page for details of upcoming excursions.

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