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Raymond Timbery

I am a proud Bidjigal Dharrawal  / Monero Jaitmatang man. I was born and raised on Dharrawal Dhurga country and have a strong spiritual belonging on both countries, which make up the Yuin Nation – (Darling Harbour Sydney down to the Victorian boarder Snowy mountains).

I live, love, learn from everything that comes from the mother. She is our oldest knowledge holder and tells the oldest yarns which comes from the beginning of time, our creation. For those who are unable to understand what the mother teaches I am her speaker and will teach the stories of our old people. I have sat with respect and humility to listen to these ancient stories. I am patient when it comes to learning so I am patient when it comes to teaching. The knowledge I hold is not for a specific race of people, it comes from the mother and creates a sense of belonging to the land we are all apart of. All it takes to learn is to hold respect for yourself respect for your teacher and most importantly respect for our mother the giver of all life.

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